How to Create a Classic Makeup Look Step by Step

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Even though there are trends to look with excessive makeup, some women like more natural and classic makeup look. So do the following tricks to look more classy with the natural makeup look.


To create a natural look, choose a foundation that is medium coverage and its tone should suit your skin tone. Never go lighter than your actual skin. If there are any imperfections and dark spots, you may apply a little bit of high lighter and translucent powder to prevent a shiny look. When you apply a bit of powder around your eyes, it also helps to keep mascara on your eyelashes.


When highlighting your eyebrows, don’t choose very dark eye pencils or brow shadows because it creates a strong look. It would be preferable to highlight parts that don’t have many eyebrows such as the end of the eyebrow area.

Eye shadow

Always pick a beige or nude eye shadow if you want a natural look. You can use tiny brushes and blend them well. This kind of color creates a softer look. Another trick can be to use eyeliner to the outer corner of the eyes and use nude pencil on the eyelids to create an optical look. To use mascara, first, start with upper lashes and then lower lashes.


If you want to have a little bit of countering, apply some on your nose, cheek bones, and forehead by creating small S and big S shades on your face.


First of all, highlight the lips with white or beige pencil lipliner. Afterward, use your favorite lipstick or gloss depending on your taste. In general, for classic colors, red and beige lipsticks can be a perfect choice.

By Kelly

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