12 Things Classy Women Never Do

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While everyone has their taste and manners in fashion, certain things make you look not classy just because of your style and look. The following tips might be helpful for you to look elegant.

Long fake nails

It looks extremely difficult to see women with very long nails. It is almost impossible to do any work with this kind of nails. The problem here is the length of the nails, not the colors. That is never regarded as classy.

Very high heels

Don’t wear very high heels, unless you are a stripper. It is very painful and never looks good. If you are going to meet someone, especially job interview and a casual meeting, they will judge you by how you look. The first impression is very important.

Showing too much skin

Never show everything in one setting. For example, too illicit clothing from top to bottom. Big No-No. There is a rule. if you show your legs, don’t show your upper part of the body much. If you show your top part, don’t show your legs. You can look sexy by showing a little bit of skin on top by décolletage and shoulder. Balance everything.

Don’t overdress

Don’t overdo. Try to look natural. For example, too many accessories, jewelry, too much makeup, high heels, etc. Believe in your natural self. You don’t want to be a Christmas tree.

Talking loud in a public place

Don’t try to get attention by speaking aloud. Lower your voice and always keep balance.

Bad table manners

Don’t put your elbows on the table. Don’t speak while eating.

Sitting legs opened

Posture is very important. Don’t open your legs while sitting. Cross your legs while seated.

Forget to check yourself in the mirror

People are visual in most cases, so the first impression is important here again. Check yourself in the mirror before going out. For the most part, people see you from top to down whether you have a job interview or meeting someone new. When you dress nicely and look confident, that is what makes you sexy.

Not creating your style

You can find your style by experimenting with what perfumes suit you best and what clothes make you look stunning. Try to find your perfect style and declutter your house and try to look your best.

Not being yourself

Respect yourself and don’t let anyone stepping over you and treating you badly. This should never be acceptable. Love yourself.

Asking personal questions

Don’t ask personal questions from someone you don’t know well. Don’t hurt others and don’t act like an idiot.

Interrupting peoples talking

Never interrupt people while they talking. Show genuine interest in talking to them. If you interrupt their talking, many of them assume that you are a rude person. Be a good listener. Learn to listen and interact with people properly.

By Kelly

Fashion blogger

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