Natural Evening Makeup

For evening makeup, you can look chic by adding a little bit of glitter and colors. But, keeping a natural look is still crucial to be not overdone. The following tips will help you to have a perfect look for your evening.

Prepare eye areas

After applying your foundation, apply some highlighter concealers around the eyes and chin areas. Use the same brush as your foundation brush to make the same look as your complexion. Don’t forget to apply some loose powder around the T zone to avoid a shiny look and keep it radiant.

Smokey eyes

As a base for your eye makeup, you can use a creamy golden eye shadow on your eyelids. Apply it with fingertips or a brush. Afterward, apply some black eyeshadow to your eyelids. You can use fingertips to blend it all. The trick with fingertips is that it gives a soft look for smokey eyes.

Add golden eyeshadow

After applying eyeshadow, apply a tiny bit of golden eye shadow around the inner corner of your eyes and middle of your eyelids to give an illuminating look.

Enhance your look

Apply black mascara and black pencil on inner and upper eyelids to give enhanced look.

Apply lipstick

Use your favorite lip pencils and start from the center of your lips for drawing. And then use pink Matt or glossy lipstick with a brush. Apply tiny bit of gold powder in the hollow of the lower lip. That gives a festive mood.

Use blush

Apply rose blush on your cheekbones and pearl highlighter on your chin and bridge of the nose and cheekbones.

By Kelly

Fashion blogger

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