How to Decorate Christmas Table

As the new year countdown is fast approaching, it’s time to decorate your home and think of ideas to set up a Christmas dining table. As for home decorations, there are tons of decorations like homemade ornaments, vintage decorations such as pillows, blanket, socks, candles, etc. Whether you are inviting many guests or just a few family members, table decoration is an important part of Christmas dinner or party. The ideas are endless and table decorations can fall into the following categories: rustic, classic, festive, vintage, natural and floral, and subtle.

Rustic and Woody

That looks more natural, and many items are not needed for decorations to set this table.


With this classic design, you can add some colors like red. Red Berry branch is a perfect combination with green color. It always looks elegant and classic and is never out of fashion.


If you wish to give a festive look to your table, then try this style. It is more colorful and highlights your table decorations. You can add some table centerpieces in red or golden colors.


For this kind of vintage table, you can add some bottle brush beige or green trees, golden or golden beige glittered pears and apples. That is a great table setting for festive gatherings.

Natural and floral

For this table setting, you can use simple decorations, flowers, and a classic tablecloth. Try to be minimalistic as possible. If you want to create a more flowery and elegant look, place some golden dinnerware on your table. This type of decorations gives a more natural feel.


This setting can give warmth and Christmas feel. Easy to decorate. Simple and practical.

By Kelly

Fashion blogger

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