Women’s Winter Coats 2021

As winter is here and cold and freezing temperature outside, we as a whole need a warm winter coat. This present winter’s pattern is a long comfortable coat. It’s comfortable and warm on chilly days.

Shearling Coat

The sort of the coat can be knee length. Concerning the tone, high contrast mixes are trending lately. You can wear it with a decent organized bag, shades, and a slick pair of lower leg boots or high heels.

Coat with belts

The length of the coat is short. Colors can be any tones relying upon your taste. Wearing a short coat with a belt is back in fashion once more. Contingent upon the coat tone, you can decorate it with a fitting shade of a bag and shoes.

Tile Coat

Knee length tile coat is back in fashion in 2021. For colors, it can beige and earthy blended or high contrast blended, and so on.

Patchwork coat

If you like craftsmanship and colorful garments, this is appropriate for you. It looks rich in tones and is warm during cold weather.

Coat with False Fur

They’re very warm and comfortable. With respect to colors, any tones are fine. Beige, dark, earthy colored or sharp tones like pink, blue, and so on. You can style with long winter level boots and a moderate size bag.

Quilted Coat

As for the length, it could be knee long. It isn’t so warm on colder days however fills the need. Classic colors like dark, dull blue, beige can be incredible for this sort of coat. Embellish them with an up-to-date hat, warm scarf, and a bag or sunglasses.

Long coat

This kind of long classic coat is never outdated. For designs, it can be made with buttons or belts. They look excellent if you are tall. It looks great with high heels, a classic medium-sized bag, a scarf, and a dress. Or then again you can decorate them with tennis shoes, pants, a pullover, and shades. This sort of coat makes you look feminine and elegant.


How to Choose the Right Panties for Your Body Type

Round buttocks

If you have round buttocks, wear seamless underwear. There are disadvantages that tight underwear leaves a mark on the hips area and feel uncomfortable. For the material of underwear, cotton and microfiber underwear is a better option for those who prefer comfort and softness. If it’s for looking sexier and seductive, then lace underwear is a good fit.

Flat buttocks

If buttocks are flat, briefs, hipsters, Brazilian and boy shorts can be a great choice. It gives volume and makes the buttocks look a bit round and in shape. For the material, it can be silky, laced, and cotton.

Having belly

If there is a belly problem, wearing high cut briefs or women’s shape wear control panties helps hide the tummy area. It’s also comfortable and shows a nice curve.

Small body type

If you are short, wear a breathable and indented underwear.

Looking sexy

If it’s to look sexy and show your body figure, soft lace thong panty, multi strapped lace thong, lace V cut panties, lace high waist panty, lace, lace up hipster panty and dots crotchless panty, etc.


How to Wear Lace-up Boots with Jeans

This winter’s one of the trends is ankle boots. Ankle boots have masculine nature, so wearing them in a feminine way is a question sometimes. How to look stylish with this kind of boots? The following tips are for looking beautiful and chic by wearing ankle boots.

Wearing ankle boots for evening

For going out late evening or dinner, you can wear black lace-up boots with a black leather jacket, a black hat, and a cotton neutral or beige dress. You can also accessorize them with stylish earrings, a ring, or a watch.

Wearing lace-up boots for the weekend

if you wear them for the weekend, you can be laid back. Wear them with a blouse or sweater, blue jeans, and a belt.

Wearing lace-up boots at work

Wear them with tennis pants, a beige or grey sweater, a pair of chic earrings, a leather bag, and a watch.

Wearing lace-up boots on a cold day

You can wear them with black leather jeans, a black or navy blue top, a black or grey coat, and sunglasses.


Classic Shoes Trending In 2021

Moccasins and loafers will be trending in 2021. The traditional shoes were outdated a quite some time, but now it’s back in fashion starting the end of 2020. There are many models in black, brown, reddish-brown, blue, beige, and green with a gold chain.

How to wear loafers?

Loafers look traditional but you can wear them with plenty of outfits. Wear it with blue jeans, sweaters or shirts. Generally, it’s more suitable for classic styles. But you can make it look stylish by wearing it with black socks, a short, and a blazer. Wear it also with a white shirt, black shorts, and black loafers. Burgundy loafers with black trousers, a black bag, and a white or burgundy shirt are a good combination. Wear black or beige loafers with a light blue shirt and shorts. That look is great for summertime. You can also wear black loafers with a blazer, a beige top, a classic bag, black jeans or trousers, and black lace socks.


Natural Evening Makeup

For evening makeup, you can look chic by adding a little bit of glitter and colors. But, keeping a natural look is still crucial to be not overdone. The following tips will help you to have a perfect look for your evening.

Prepare eye areas

After applying your foundation, apply some highlighter concealers around the eyes and chin areas. Use the same brush as your foundation brush to make the same look as your complexion. Don’t forget to apply some loose powder around the T zone to avoid a shiny look and keep it radiant.

Smokey eyes

As a base for your eye makeup, you can use a creamy golden eye shadow on your eyelids. Apply it with fingertips or a brush. Afterward, apply some black eyeshadow to your eyelids. You can use fingertips to blend it all. The trick with fingertips is that it gives a soft look for smokey eyes.

Add golden eyeshadow

After applying eyeshadow, apply a tiny bit of golden eye shadow around the inner corner of your eyes and middle of your eyelids to give an illuminating look.

Enhance your look

Apply black mascara and black pencil on inner and upper eyelids to give enhanced look.

Apply lipstick

Use your favorite lip pencils and start from the center of your lips for drawing. And then use pink Matt or glossy lipstick with a brush. Apply tiny bit of gold powder in the hollow of the lower lip. That gives a festive mood.

Use blush

Apply rose blush on your cheekbones and pearl highlighter on your chin and bridge of the nose and cheekbones.


How to Decorate Christmas Table

As the new year countdown is fast approaching, it’s time to decorate your home and think of ideas to set up a Christmas dining table. As for home decorations, there are tons of decorations like homemade ornaments, vintage decorations such as pillows, blanket, socks, candles, etc. Whether you are inviting many guests or just a few family members, table decoration is an important part of Christmas dinner or party. The ideas are endless and table decorations can fall into the following categories: rustic, classic, festive, vintage, natural and floral, and subtle.

Rustic and Woody

That looks more natural, and many items are not needed for decorations to set this table.


With this classic design, you can add some colors like red. Red Berry branch is a perfect combination with green color. It always looks elegant and classic and is never out of fashion.


If you wish to give a festive look to your table, then try this style. It is more colorful and highlights your table decorations. You can add some table centerpieces in red or golden colors.


For this kind of vintage table, you can add some bottle brush beige or green trees, golden or golden beige glittered pears and apples. That is a great table setting for festive gatherings.

Natural and floral

For this table setting, you can use simple decorations, flowers, and a classic tablecloth. Try to be minimalistic as possible. If you want to create a more flowery and elegant look, place some golden dinnerware on your table. This type of decorations gives a more natural feel.


This setting can give warmth and Christmas feel. Easy to decorate. Simple and practical.


How to Choose Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

During this lockdown period, many people would need to take care of their hair at home. Some hair salons are closed for a longer period than expected. If you dye your hair at home with the right method, you can create a beautiful look.

Choosing a brand

The tricky part is to choose hair colorant. Which brand works best for an excellent result of shiny and colorful hair is a big question. There are many hair colorants on the market however only a few of them are less damaging to hair. Hair colorants such as Wella Professional and Schwarzkopf can be better options comparing to other brands because they are softer for hair and keeps their color for a longer time. These brands are often used in hair salons around the world and can deliver your desired color if you use them correctly at home. Especially that is the case for bleached and highlighted hair. Of course, always follow instructions on the package when you do hair coloring.

Picking the right hair color

If you are bored of the same hair color or style, you can get some inspirations from trendy hair colors for this season. Aside from it, choosing the right color for your skin tone is also important. Generally, hair colors fall into warm, neutral, and cool tones. You can check veins in your wrists and if it looks green, you are more into the category of warm tones. If that’s blue or purple, then you have a cool undertone. If you are not sure which tone fits you, then you fall into a neutral undertone. For those with more warm and olive skin tone, golden blonds or auburn browns suit better. If your skin tone is cool, ash-blond or red colors are a good choice. The golden rule for choosing the right shade is sticking to two shades darker or lighter of your natural hair. This way, your hair looks more natural, and it does not create a washed-out look.

Hair treatment after coloring

It is always recommended to have good treatment after hair dye. Apply a deeply nourishing and hydrating mask on your hair at least two times per week. Choosing a good brand for a hair mask is vital for damaged and dry hair. Mostly salon masks are best to give a quick result and shiny look. Apply some luminous smoothing oils on your hair ends after drying and styling. It prevents you from brassy hair, and your hair ends look more soft and glossy. This kind of product usually contains avocado and macadamia oils that nourish splitting hair ends. On top of that, choosing softer shampoo and conditioner helps you to maintain your hair better too. Opt for more natural hair products. Coconut oils are used for very damaged and chemically processed hair to make hair stronger and deeply moisturize.

Trendy hair colors for this season

Platinum blonde

Golden blonde

Tie and dye

Blonde with dark roots


Brown red

Golden pink

Dark blue


How To Clean Jewelry At Home

Cleaning golden jewelry

Over time, gold or rose gold jewelry will in general get grimy and loses its sparkle. You can clean your gold jewelry with soapy water. Empty some water into a bowl and add some cleanser. Allow your jewelry to soak in a few minutes and rinse it with water and tenderly rub them with a soft cloth.

Another stunt is to rub your gold jewelry with toothpaste. It will give an instant shine to your jewelry and it will look new. You can likewise utilize talcum powder to clean your jewelry, rub it, and rinse with water and afterward dry it with a fabric.

Cleaning silver jewelry

Many individuals utilize silver jewelry in light of its simplicity and more stylish characteristics. Since silver is delicate and will in general get a scratch rapidly. With regards to cleaning a silver ring or hoops, you can utilize white vinegar. You can empty some water into a glass and add some vinegar to it. A while later, let your silver adornments sit in the glass water for thirty minutes and afterward wash it with water.

Another tip is to clean your silver jewelry with lemon juice. Simply rub it with lemon juice and a soft cloth. It will sparkle like before.

Specific products for cleaning jewelry

You can find a particular formula for cleaning gold or silver jewelry in stores and gems stores. You can dip a tiny cloth in this sort of cleaning formula and rub your jewelry with it. And afterward rinse them with water. This strategy functions admirably and gives a shine.

Cleaning precious stone

When it comes to cleaning your diamond ring or earring sets or other expensive stones, you ought to be more cautious. It’s in every case better to ask a sales representative from a gem dealer how to clean them first.

Cleaning pearl jewelry

Pearls are generally delicate regarding their nature, and you need to have special maintenance for this thing. Delicately clean them with a damp fabric or soft cloth. You can clean it with a touch of olive oil and a delicate fabric. Try not to store them under the sun to keep their quality last.

Why jewelry loses its shiny color and what you can do to avoid it

As mentioned earlier, most jewelry will in general lose its sparkle over the long run and oxidize. Nonetheless, there are certain techniques that you can use to avoid that. At the point when you store your jewelry, store them in a different box or compartment in light of the fact that various metals don’t prefer to blend, and remember to shield them from direct daylight.

If you have costume jewelry, prevent them from acidic conditions which make them to obscure rapidly. Always take off your jewelry prior to taking shower or swimming in ocean water.


How to Know Your Ring Size At Home

Whether you or your significant other purchases a silver, gold, or diamond ring, it’s hard to pick when you don’t have any clues about your ring size. Generally, it’s much simpler when you shop in a store to get a few rings. Be that as it may, with regards to picking a ring for yourself on the web, it is perhaps hard to figure out which one fits you precisely. A few people sort of guessing their finger size and because of this they wind up having a too huge or tight ring.

Measure your finger with a tape

To fix this issue of picking some unfitted size, you can have a tape estimation for your finger. Thus, you can get the specific size. If there are two sizes which both fit you and you are not exactly sure which one to browse, pick somewhat bigger one since it is in every case better to remember that finger is swollen now and again, particularly in mid years so that somewhat a loose ring is a decent decision. Thus avoid picking a tight ring.


How to Wear Pastel Colors

Pastel colors are mimosa yellow, baby blue, candy pink, sea green etc. How to wear these colors? These colors are perfect for summer time and never out of fashion.

Wearing pastel colors

If you are trying pastel tones for the first time and feeling these tones are too bright like candy or blue like sea then you can begin with accessories, for example, a delightful turquoise green pack or lilac shoes.

If you need to change your look without much thinking, you can attempt pastel jacket and pant blends to look more classy and basic. This style is never outdated and gives us the likelihood to look decent without having to take a risk. With regards to late spring, you can wear them with certain shorts. Another alternative is a pastel dress. They will in general look sentimental and give us a get-away mind-set.

For those who are adventurous and like to play with colors, you can dare monochrome look. Another option is to include multi-color pastels. It will give you an explosive look- lilac, baby blue, and mimosa yellow. Top blue pastel and blue shorts

For the individuals who are adventurous and like to play with colors, you can dare monochrome look. Another choice is to incorporate multicolor pastels. It will give you an explosive look-lilac, baby blue, and mimosa yellow. Top blue pastel and blue shorts.

  • Total look rose
  • Almond pastel green blazer
  • White top and pastel rose trouser
  • Mimosa yellow shirt and water green trouser
  • Lilac combo
  • Yellow pastel top and pants
  • Colorful pastel dress
  • Bermuda pastel green jacket and shorts
  • Baby blue hat and white top