How to Look Younger After 40

However, we can’t change the whole aging process that everyone faces in their lifetime, some tricks can help to look more youthful and energetic. Staying youthful and energetic starts from daily routine and lifestyle. Feeling young can be related to how you think and see things in general.

Don’t compare yourself with others

That is one of the bad habits some people might have and it is regarded as a self-destructive manner. We all agree that there will be always someone much better than us in terms of all aspects of life, e.g slimmer, younger, prettier, and richer etc. But the most important thing is to accept who you are and be happy with it.

Be active

Don’t be a couch potato. Try to be more active. Let’s say doing some workouts, going swimming, joining dance clubs, hanging out with new people, and surrounding yourself with people from different backgrounds or experiences. Or going for traveling to new countries and meeting local people. The hint to look younger is not only something to do with a look outside, but it has more to do with your inner self and mind.

Makeup and dress

If you feel like you need a piece of advice in terms of makeup, then it’s a good idea to get professional help from a makeup artist that can assist you with changing your look and your makeup technics. The same thing can apply to the dress code. Clothing style is very important for self-esteem as well while it’s vital to find your style regardless of modern design and latest fashion trend. Don’t title yourself for the categories of 40 and 50 folks boutiques. Dare to try younger styles and fashion.

Lose weight

It’s always a healthy choice to lose some pounds if there are weight problems. No matter what conditions you might have, be consistent with your plan and routine. Be persistent until you get to your point.

Skin care

If there are some wrinkles, scars, spots, and so on, depending on your skin condition, it’s better to advise with a skincare clinic, do what can work for you. Having beautiful skin helps self- confidence.


Hairstyles can be a big factor in your look. If you have one hairstyle for a long time, try to change it with a different haircut. Find a unique style that fits your face shape and look. And surround yourself with positive- minded people and make acquaintances with caring individuals.

By Kelly

Fashion blogger

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