6 Hair Thickening Tips Women with Fine Hair Need to Know

As we age, the hair gets thinner. However, some people lose a lot of hair and experience hair loss due to health conditions. So in case of hair loss, there are some hints that you can use to make your hair smooth and thick.

Using a hair volume product

If you have thin hair, in the wake of washing the hair, utilize some volume creams or gels. That can be used on damp hair and it gives volume and thickness to the hair. This sort of cream helps to look thin hair more lively and fresh.

Taking hair vitamins

If you have fragile and broken nails and falling hairs and dry skin, taking some hair vitamins is indispensable to replenish the vitamins and minerals missing in your body that supports hair growth and nutrition. Aside from it, if you are someone who dyes your hair frequently, it’s better to take some breaks from hair coloring for a while, especially hair lightening.

Scalp treatment

If the hair keeps falling to a great extent, do some scalp treatments to your hair and start applying a scalp serum directly on your scalp and gently massage with fingertips in circular movements. Don’t rinse off. As for scalp treatments, salon- exclusive brands give great results and reduces hair loss on the scalp.

Drying hair

Another trick is to dry your hair upside down with hair dryer and style it with volume. To do that, you can use some combs and hair accessories.

Hair style

A great hairdo is another approach to give volume to thin hair. Suppose you may have thin hair, and if you pick long straight hair for hairstyling, that probably won’t be an excellent idea. Since long and straight hair makes the hair look thin and gives less volume to the hair. Rather than that, opting for a layered haircut is a better bet. Another trick is to curl your hair and make it look wavy. So that your hair can look voluminous and stylish.

Blunt hair

if you are losing a lot of hair, at that point having blunt hair cut is an option. For the most part, more the hair is thin, medium length and short hair is a better idea. A blunt hairstyle makes the hair look more voluminous and stylish. You can likewise look fashionable with this sort of hairdo and play with different hair shades.

By Kelly

Fashion blogger

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