How to Choose the Right Panties for Your Body Type

Round buttocks

If you have round buttocks, wear seamless underwear. There are disadvantages that tight underwear leaves a mark on the hips area and feel uncomfortable. For the material of underwear, cotton and microfiber underwear is a better option for those who prefer comfort and softness. If it’s for looking sexier and seductive, then lace underwear is a good fit.

Flat buttocks

If buttocks are flat, briefs, hipsters, Brazilian and boy shorts can be a great choice. It gives volume and makes the buttocks look a bit round and in shape. For the material, it can be silky, laced, and cotton.

Having belly

If there is a belly problem, wearing high cut briefs or women’s shape wear control panties helps hide the tummy area. It’s also comfortable and shows a nice curve.

Small body type

If you are short, wear a breathable and indented underwear.

Looking sexy

If it’s to look sexy and show your body figure, soft lace thong panty, multi strapped lace thong, lace V cut panties, lace high waist panty, lace, lace up hipster panty and dots crotchless panty, etc.

By Kelly

Fashion blogger

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