How to Wear Lace-up Boots with Jeans

This winter’s one of the trends is ankle boots. Ankle boots have masculine nature, so wearing them in a feminine way is a question sometimes. How to look stylish with this kind of boots? The following tips are for looking beautiful and chic by wearing ankle boots.

Wearing ankle boots for evening

For going out late evening or dinner, you can wear black lace-up boots with a black leather jacket, a black hat, and a cotton neutral or beige dress. You can also accessorize them with stylish earrings, a ring, or a watch.

Wearing lace-up boots for the weekend

if you wear them for the weekend, you can be laid back. Wear them with a blouse or sweater, blue jeans, and a belt.

Wearing lace-up boots at work

Wear them with tennis pants, a beige or grey sweater, a pair of chic earrings, a leather bag, and a watch.

Wearing lace-up boots on a cold day

You can wear them with black leather jeans, a black or navy blue top, a black or grey coat, and sunglasses.

By Kelly

Fashion blogger

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