How to Choose Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

During this lockdown period, many people would need to take care of their hair at home. Some hair salons are closed for a longer period than expected. If you dye your hair at home with the right method, you can create a beautiful look.

Choosing a brand

The tricky part is to choose hair colorant. Which brand works best for an excellent result of shiny and colorful hair is a big question. There are many hair colorants on the market however only a few of them are less damaging to hair. Hair colorants such as Wella Professional and Schwarzkopf can be better options comparing to other brands because they are softer for hair and keeps their color for a longer time. These brands are often used in hair salons around the world and can deliver your desired color if you use them correctly at home. Especially that is the case for bleached and highlighted hair. Of course, always follow instructions on the package when you do hair coloring.

Picking the right hair color

If you are bored of the same hair color or style, you can get some inspirations from trendy hair colors for this season. Aside from it, choosing the right color for your skin tone is also important. Generally, hair colors fall into warm, neutral, and cool tones. You can check veins in your wrists and if it looks green, you are more into the category of warm tones. If that’s blue or purple, then you have a cool undertone. If you are not sure which tone fits you, then you fall into a neutral undertone. For those with more warm and olive skin tone, golden blonds or auburn browns suit better. If your skin tone is cool, ash-blond or red colors are a good choice. The golden rule for choosing the right shade is sticking to two shades darker or lighter of your natural hair. This way, your hair looks more natural, and it does not create a washed-out look.

Hair treatment after coloring

It is always recommended to have good treatment after hair dye. Apply a deeply nourishing and hydrating mask on your hair at least two times per week. Choosing a good brand for a hair mask is vital for damaged and dry hair. Mostly salon masks are best to give a quick result and shiny look. Apply some luminous smoothing oils on your hair ends after drying and styling. It prevents you from brassy hair, and your hair ends look more soft and glossy. This kind of product usually contains avocado and macadamia oils that nourish splitting hair ends. On top of that, choosing softer shampoo and conditioner helps you to maintain your hair better too. Opt for more natural hair products. Coconut oils are used for very damaged and chemically processed hair to make hair stronger and deeply moisturize.

Trendy hair colors for this season

Platinum blonde

Golden blonde

Tie and dye

Blonde with dark roots


Brown red

Golden pink

Dark blue

By Kelly

Fashion blogger

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