Things Classy Ladies Don’t Do

  1. Poor nail cleanliness. Broken nails or not manicured. One of the first thing men notice in quite a while is hand and nails.
  2. Yelling and giggling hard in a public spot. It may be in a café, a bar or shopping centers.
  3. Acting like a man close by people.
  4. Wearing a short skirt and shorts.
  5. Not taking good care of hair.
  6. Excessive makeup and not minding of skin.
  7. Talking while biting. This is an impolite conduct numerous individuals don’t take note. Get done with biting first, at that point talk. Being respectful to the individual listening.
  8. Being not confident.
  9. Wearing stripper or stage shoes. Stripper shoes are meant for stripper place, not else where.
  10. Wearing faded garments.

By Kelly

Fashion blogger

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